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If you are taking care of an aging parent with Alzheimer’s, dealing with outbursts of agitation and aggression, is a particular problem.

Techniques for managing Alzheimer's aggression such as re-directing the person's attention or medication can certainly help. However, the key is figuring what is causing the outburst. Agitation and aggression are typically caused by one or more of these five factors: Cognitive Impairment You may overestimate what your parent is capable of accomplishing i.e. performing a task they are not able to complete. Thus, they get upset and frustrated, causing an outburst. Consequently, you must adjust expectations to their abilities. Plus, Alzheimer's is a degenerative disease. Therefore, your Parent's abilities will decline over time. So, expectations must be shifted continually. Psychological…

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Caregiver dealing with Dementia Aggression Issues

This can be verbal or physical and often occurs when the stress level of the person with dementia has been exceeded. Often the person with dementia feels their personal space is being invaded. Depression is often associated with verbal outbursts. Dealing with an acute episode can include: • Speak slowly, maintain eye contact and be calm • Divert attention away from the event • Distract and redirect the person • Investigate your loved one’s fears and show an understanding of their distress • Minimize external stimuli • Avoid events that trigger a reoccurrence.