Sometimes, we know our elderly parents require help, but getting them to accept it is a challenge.

Discussing the subject requires patience and tact. However, you may consider the following approaches with your parents to achieve greater success for hiring a caregiver rather than having them move to an assisted living facility or nursing home:

  • they can remain at home;
  • in-home care is often less costly;
  • they will be given one-on-one attention when their caregiver is there;
  • they can maintain their independence in their own home;
  • accept the care for the sake of their spouse, even if in reality, it is equally beneficial for them both;
  • explain to your parent how much you worry about them.

According to a recent study by Genworth, 55 percent of Americans say being a burden on their family is their biggest concern regarding long term care issues. Take this into consideration when approaching your parent about accepting in-home help. You might say, “Mom, I worry about you…and even if you tell me I shouldn’t, it keeps me up at night. Would you try having someone come in once a week for me?”

Another option is to consult with Senior Life Care Planning, we are a professional firm with special expertise in helping you deal with your aging parents, the care they deserve, how to preserve their assets, and insure their quality of life. We will be able to provide you with further advice on how to prevent resistance when introducing the new living arrangements with your parents.

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