Some Question to ask Home Care Companies.

Senior home care services can allow seniors to stay comfortably in their own homes. But, selecting home care agencies for your loved ones is one of the most important decisions you will make; because we desire our loved ones to be safe, comfortable and well cared for. Accordingly, here are some questions to ask prior to hiring the service:

1. When choosing senior home care it's important to consider the needs of the senior. Do they have specific medical requirements? Therefore, they may require a care specialist or have a caregiver with specific training.  What about compatibility?  As the right caregiver can make all the difference in how your loved one responds to the care and their quality of life.

2. Is the company bonded and insured? The home care agencies employees are working or living in your loved one’s home, regularly when you are not present.  Therefore, ensure the company is bonded and insured.  Consequently, you are more at ease with the company’s employee entering your loved one’s home.

3. You are hiring a company and its employees for their expertise.  Therefore, you should receive a detailed plan of care for your loved one, whether the care needs are short or long term.

4. A service agreement should be signed. This contract with the company must identify the services, terms, and conditions. However, carefully review the contract before signing and having a caregiver enter your loved ones home.

5. Are the company’s workers employees or independent contractors?

In general, employees have more support and often more stringent rules governing their actions, from the service company.  However, many healthcare professionals make their living as independent contractors. Consequently, interview the service about how contractors are managed and supervised. Also, there can be tax and liability consequences. Therefore, choose wisely.

Hiring home care can be a substantial expense. Therefore, investigate whether your loved one has long term care insurance or does your health insurance provide for caregiver support. Also, is your loved one a Veteran? As, the veteran may qualify for Aid and Attendance, to help pay for these home care services.

Hiring someone to help take care of a loved one is a big decision. However, following these questions, and using common sense, you can find a caregiver that will take excellent care of your loved one. Consequently, some of the stress and strain will be removed, and you can spend more quality time with you loved one.

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