Social Security Optimization is the Newest Trend

As the baby boom approaches its Social Security years, it is
turning the decision about when to start collecting benefits from an automatic
move into a major planning and research opportunity. Having intensively looked
into car seats and college admissions for their kids and tried to map out
careers and 401(k) plans, boomers now will focus attention on squeezing Social
Security for all it is worth.

"Baby boomers are the first generation that isn't going to
put up with crappy advice," says William Meyer, Chief Executive Officer of
Social Security Solutions, Inc., one of a number of new companies selling
Social Security strategic planning to future recipients. Meyers and his
business partner, William Reichenstein, a chartered financial analyst and
Baylor University professor, have spent several years writing technical papers
for financial advisers about how their clients can optimize retirement
benefits. There are a numbers of reasons why Social Security optimization is a
new trend. The retirement program's rules are complex, allowing for a variety
of claiming strategies. The boomer generation is the first to have dual-income
households for most of its working years, so spouses have more options for
coordinating benefits. Members are being told to delay drawing on them as long
as possible, even while many people are being forced into early retirement.

Source/more: Reuters

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