Preparing for your Doctor’s visit if you suspect Alzheimer’s Disease

Share everything with your doctor. This is not the time to a martyr. Be open and honest in answering any questions your doctor may ask you about the changes you’ve been experiencing. Some of the questions the doctor may ask, are the following:

Has your health, memory or mood changed?

How did it change?

When did you first notice the change?

How often does it happen?

When does it happen? Is it always at a certain time of day?

What do you do when it happens?

What behaviors are the same?

Do you have problems with any of the following?

Repeating or asking the same thing over and over?

Remembering appointments, family occasions, holidays?

Writing checks, paying bills, balancing the checkbook?

Shopping independently (e.g., for clothing or groceries)?

Taking medications according to the instructions?

Getting lost while walking or driving in familiar places?

Medications and medical history

List medications (dosage, frequency) including over-the-counter and prescription:

List vitamins and herbal supplements:

List current medical conditions:

List past medical conditions:

Questions to ask the doctor

What are the tests I need to take and how long will it take to get a diagnosis?

Will you refer me to a specialist?

Could the medicines I’m taking be causing my symptoms?

Do I have any other conditions that could be causing my symptoms or making them worse?

What should I expect if it is Alzheimer’s?

Which treatments are available for Alzheimer’s?

What are the risks and benefits and possible side effects?

What about participating in a clinical trial? What are the risks and benefits?

Is there anything else I should know?

When should I come back for another visit?

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