Pew Report: 43 Percent of Seniors on Web Use Social Media

The number of seniors using social media more than tripled in the
last four years, according to a new report from Pew Internet & American
Life Project. About 43 percent of Internet users aged 65 and older say they use
social media, compared with just 13 percent in spring 2009, the Pew report
said. Among Web users, those aged 18-29 have the largest percentage of social
media users at 89 percent. Older people are looking to maintain ties with their
family, particularly those who live far away, said Aaron Smith at Pew. They
want to see pictures of their grandchildren. Seniors also look up old friends
and connect with people who share similar hobbies. The majority of seniors on
social media are using Facebook, he said. Separately, the Pew report said 18
percent of adults who use the Web are Twitter users, compared with 8 percent in
November 2010.

Source/more: Wall Street Journal

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