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The Painful Struggles of America’s Older Immigrants

America’s immigrant community is aging along with the rest of the population, and in many cases, with great financial difficulty. Some 15 percent of adults 60 and over were foreign-born in 2015, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Older immigrants represent a larger proportion of the elderly in major gateway cities and states. For example, in New York City, they comprise 46 percent of older adults; in California, one in nearly three older residents is foreign-born. Late-life immigrants are contributing to rising ethnic populations in rural areas and small towns in the Midwest and South, such as in Minnesota and Georgia, according to the Population Reference Bureau. Despite their swelling numbers and America’s near-national obsession with retirement, “older immigrants are often ignored,” observes Alberto Monserrate, co-founder and CEO of New Publica, a public relations and strategic communications firm based in Minneapolis. They seem almost invisible to the wider society. In addition, Monserrate and other ethnic community leaders say, older immigrants have growing fears and uncertainty about their future prospects in the U.S.

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