Our “Peace of Mind” Process

When you come to our office for the initial consultation, our promise is to make it as comforting as possible. When you leave our office feeling relieved and you have a guide to lead them through the long-term care legal maze.  In helping clients navigate the long-term care legal maze we’ve set up a three-step process.

The Peace of Mind Meeting

At the first meeting, we will welcome you to our firm.  Consider this a “get to know you meeting.”  At this meeting it is our goal to make you feel comfortable and help you understand the long-term care maze that you are facing. With our experience we can help clients you reach your goal i.e. the center of the maze.  You may have many questions, about long-term care, VA benefits, Medicaid planning, Alzheimer’s planning or just the law in general.  We’ll do our best to answer those questions. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your family.

Please, understand, you will be interviewed as well.

Our firm does not allow every client that sits in our office or conference room to join our “client” family.  You must meet certain, strict requirements.  First of all, you must be a good person.  Life is too short to be serving people who we can’t trust, like, or enjoy their company.  Second, you must love someone.  That someone can be your spouse who has an Alzheimer’s diagnoses, that could be you dad who is a wartime veteran and now needs home care, or that someone could be mom, who will be moving into a skilled nursing facility.  Whoever it is, our client’s must love someone, otherwise why are we doing this planning.

Planning & Design

Before you build a house, you must have a blueprint.  Consequently, our planning to navigate the elder law long-term care maze is no different.  Therefore, we take all the information you’ve provided including assets, income, social security statements, deeds, long-term care costs, etc, and providing a detailed plan and design to navigate the long-term care maze.

This is where the real work happens.  This is where the road map to meet all the goals of the family happens, whether that’s VA qualification, long-term care benefits, or Medicaid.

It is vitally important that accurate and up to date information is provided to the firm as timely as possible.  Any variance in what is provided to the firm could lead to headaches down the road in applying for any governmental benefits.


Now that the blueprint is in place, we can begin implementing.  At this time we know exactly what steps are necessary and we begin implementing the plan to meet the family goals.  This may involve execution of legal documents such as powers of attorney, Veterans Asset Protection Trusts, Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts, Revocable Trusts, Deeds, Medicaid Applications, Wills and Power of Attorneys, etc.

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