Obamacare Is For Native Americans Too

Tribes, health care advocates, and government officials across the nation are trying to enroll as many Native Americans as possible in Obamacare, saying it offers new choices to patients and financial relief for struggling Indian hospitals and clinics. Under the health law, many uninsured Native Americans can get coverage under the expanded Medicaid program for low-income Americans or buy subsidized plans through insurance exchanges. That allows them to receive treatment from private doctors and hospitals rather than rely solely on government and tribal facilities. And the coverage allows Indian health facilities — which tribal leaders say are chronically underfunded — to bill insurers for care they already provide as well as offer new services. Advocates see the health law as a chance to reduce the health disparities that have long afflicted Native Americans, including rates of diabetes that are three times higher than the U.S. population and a life span that is four years shorter. More patients now have access to substance abuse services, mental health treatment, and preventive care.

Source/more: Kaiser Health News

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