Obama Administration Launches Website to Help Businesses with ACA Issues

The Obama Administration has just launched Business.USA.gov/healthcare, a one-stop-shop
website that will provide employers of all sizes educational materials on how
the Affordable Care Act may affect businesses and help them compete. The site
includes a wizard tool that is tailored based on size and location, so
businesses can learn how the law helps them provide affordable coverage options
to their employees while still meeting their bottom line. The site will act as
a user-friendly hub that connects employers to informational content on tax
credits and other provisions of the law from the Small Business Administration,
the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Treasury Department.
As part of the Administration’s ongoing dialogue with leaders of our nation’s
top businesses, this latest tool will help ensure that employers of all sizes
know what the Affordable Care Act means for them, and have the information they
need to take advantage of the new benefits and opportunities under the law. The
Administration will work with the employer community to ensure the site
continues to be a helpful resource for businesses and their employees,
including updating the site with additional, timely information.

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