New AARP Online Tool Calculates Livability Index for Those 50+

A new online rating tool ranks nearly every neighborhood in the United States on its suitability for aging-in-place. The AARP Livability Index uses factors such as safety, security, ease of getting around, access to health care, housing affordability, and even the prevalence of WiFi, farmers markets, and public policies that promote successful aging. Users punch in their zip code or street address, and the Web site crunches data to show how a community lines up against others. Ratings come on a scale of 0-100. Users can also rejigger the weight placed on certain factors to suit themselves. Someone who doesn’t care whether his town has adopted energy-efficient policies could reduce their importance in the calculations while boosting the relevance of housing costs. Read more.

Source: Washington Post
Access the AARP Livability Calculator
Editor: My neighborhood in Minneapolis got a 66. I beg to differ…I’d give it 100!

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