more medicaid information is available, on the internet, whether that information is right or wrong.

Internet is an amazing tool that has changed our lives, but when I've been
researching how to apply for medicaid online, I've often struggled to find any
relevant, accurate, and useful information," states a person on the

the Internet grows, at an ever expanding pace, seniors and their loved ones,
are usually, more confused because more information is available, whether that
information is right or wrong. Still, people in the senior financial industry
have their information and facts wrong.


have heard, from one of our clients, that a financial advisor told her “That
there is nothing you can do to protect your assets, as you are within the three
year look back period.” First, the look back period is now five years, in Maryland. Additionally,
you can still protect your assets, whether you are in the five year look back
period or in the nursing home.


we provide our clients with legal and correct information about Medicaid. Our website provides information all in one
place. Consequently, you do not have to search the Internet to discover what
you need.

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