Medicare Patients May Lose Their Doctors Under Sequestration

The latest budgetary shenanigans in Washington threaten Medicare.
The sequester, a fiscal death-pact entered into by Congress and the President,
will hit health care professionals right in the pocketbook, and the pain will
likely be shared with patients. American
Medical News
reports that Medicare cuts make up 12 percent of the
sequester, and these cuts include a 2 percent cut in doctors’ pay which kicks
in April 1. The real-life effect of these cuts will hit primary care doctors
and their elderly patients the hardest. If caring for Medicare patients is too
costly, doctors will simply opt out and care for the disabled and those over 65
will become hard to find. This isn’t a whine, it’s an economic reality.

Source/more: Forbes 
Note: This is an op-ed piece.

See also this article in CNNMoney.

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