Medicaid – A ticking Time Bomb

For the elderly who lack personal finances and resources to navigate the complexities and governmental regulations associated with their long term care i.e. nursing homes, is extremely challenging.

Medicaid is the primary source for those who need help with long term care, states  Deloitte Center for Health Solutions report. Prior to 1995, elderly residents exceeded 15% of the population in only five states; by 2025 every state except two will exceed 15%. The numbers of Americans ages 65 or older will more than double in at least 20 states and then continue to grow.

As the above states navigating the senior maze is very complicated. Consequently, Senior Life Care Planning is here to help you and your loved ones. A Life Care Plan is a road map that allows you to achieve your long-term care and asset protection goals. And, if changes occur along the way, our services are available to you to help you shift to another road if it becomes necessary. See our Website.

You do not have to totally impoverished to become eligible for Medicaid, as discussed in our previous Blogs, such as Medicaid Myths of Gifting.

Also, in a previous our Blogs, the VA has funds, VA Funds – Pension and Aid & Attendance, , for Veterans to pay for home care and assisted living care,

Accredited VA Attorney David Wingate has written a FREE HANDBOOK on

VA Benefits , if you desire a copy please visit the Senior Life Care Planning's website or email at, or call the Frederick Office at 301 663 9230.

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