McCain Calls for Universal, Permanent VA Choice Card

Arizona Sen. John McCain unveiled a new action plan for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at a Monday town hall in Phoenix, declaring that after nearly two years of reform efforts “our veterans still have not gotten the care they need and deserve.” The Republican senator’s new initiative calls for the VA Choice Card — which allows some patients to obtain private care at the department’s expense — to be made universal and permanent. “Veterans who try to access the Choice Card complain they have to wait hours on hold with the VA call center just to reach someone knowledgeable about the program.” In the aftermath of a 2014 scandal over delayed care for veterans, the Choice Cards were authorized by Congress for use by veterans stuck on months-long wait lists for VA doctor appointments, and by those who lived more than 40 miles from a veterans hospital or clinic. McCain said those limitations should be dissolved so all veterans can get care from non-VA providers.

Source/more: The Arizona Republic


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