Consider the following before making a decision:

____    Motivation

____          Financial

____          Relationship

____          Beneficial to both parties

____          Guilt


____    Maintaining your outside friendships


____    Staying active with age appropriate activities


____    Maintaining a level of independence


____    What will happen if you need additional care?


____    Withstanding pressure of being in some else’s home


____    Can your child’s marriage and relationship with you be maintained?


____    Will you have your own room?


____    Where will you bathe?


____    Who will look after you if your family is on vacation or away on business?


____    Will you have your own transportation?


____    Will you contribute to the household expenses?


____    Will you have assigned chores, dishes, babysitting, etc.?


____    Do you have a written family agreement?


____    Does this agreement have written expectations of each other and reasons for terminating the “live in” arrangement?


____    In terms of health care, will an aide assist you with bathing, taking medication, companion arrangement, or even around the clock?


____    What are your capabilities and limitations?



David Wingate is an elder law attorney at the Elder Law Office of David Wingate, LLC. The elder law office services clients with powers of attorneys, living wills, Wills, Trusts, Medicaid and asset protection. The Elder Law office has locations in Frederick and Montgomery Counties, Maryland.

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