Kline House Comfort Baskets

Just because the Holiday season is over, the need for help does not go away.

We are reaching out to the community to collect items for Kline House Comfort Baskets. You can bring one item or as many as you desire. Please drop off the items at our office:

The Elder Law Office of David Wingate, 198 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 200, Frederick, MD 21702. Telephone No. 301 663 9230.

We need the following items:

Deck of Cards

Post it Notes



Crossword puzzle books

Word find books

Granola / Breakfast / Power Bars.

I know that we are bombarded with requests for donations for children, and other charities. However, I am not asking for a huge donation, it could be as little as a pack of gum.

I thank you, from the bottom of heart.


David Wingate

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