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Is Alzheimer’s Disease Causing Distress in Your Family? Is Caregiving Affecting Your Work and Finances?

Unfortunately, caregivers are financially burdened by their caregiving duties.  While caregiving creates a financial burden, caregiving has a big impact on work and life.  Most caregivers are working, either full or part-time, or have worked at some point while caregiving.  It is estimated that more than 60 percent of working caregivers have made adjustments to their work schedule, such as leaving early, arriving late, or taking time off.  With the current financial situation, can you afford to loose your job because you are worried about your loved one?

Caregivers also report they have less time for family or friends, have given up vacations or hobbies, and have less time to exercise.  Caregivers said they need more help finding time for themselves, balancing work and family responsibilities, and managing stress.

Usually, caregivers spend an average of 20 hours a week coordinating or actively providing care.  Despite their sacrifices, almost half of all caregivers state they lack confidence in the quality of their caregiving arrangements.

Most caregivers are time-starved and overwhelmed by the complexity of their caregiving responsibilities.

As the time demands and costs associated with caregiving escalate, many caregivers feel they have no choice but cut back on care and supervision.

The result, unfortunately, is a sharp increase in nutritional problems, injuries and drug noncompliance. All too often, there is no care coordinator in place who is responsible for ensuring a comprehensive and consistent level of caregiving.

Also, most caregivers expect to be reimbursed for most of their care-related activities by Medicare or Medicaid.  However, Medicaid and Medicare will typically not cover caregiving or only a portion of the cost.

Consequently, most caregivers state they worry six or more times per week about the well-being of the person for whom they care. 

Our FREE GUIDE “The Planning Ahead Alzheimer’s Guide” explains to you and your family the major financial and legal issues you may face.

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