Insurers Launch New TV Ads Against Medicare Advantage Cuts

The insurance industry has launched a second television ad against
proposed cuts to private Medicare Advantage plans. The latest ad features
seniors talking into the camera about the "drastic" consequences of
losing access to their Medicare Advantage plans. "If Medicare Advantage
has some cuts to it, I'm going to be in bad shape financially," one man
says in the new ad, which began airing in Washington, D.C. on Monday and will
air in Louisiana on Tuesday. It's the second television ad America's Health
Insurance Plans (AHIP) has launched in a far-reaching lobbying campaign to
block the proposed cuts. More than 100 members of Congress, representing both
parties, have also written letters to the Medicare agency protesting the
proposed cuts. The agency recently proposed a 2.2 percent cut in payments to
Medicare Advantage — Medicare plans administered by private insurance

Source/more: The Hill

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