How Will the Shutdown Affect You?

The federal government shutdown furloughed as many as 800,000 of
the nation’s 2.1 million federal workers as it hit early Tuesday after a
bitterly divided Congress failed to approve a temporary spending bill to keep
the government running. The shutdown will have far-reaching consequences for
some, but minimal impact on others. Mail will be delivered. Social Security and
Medicare benefits should continue to flow. But vacationers will be turned away
from national parks and Smithsonian museums. Low-to-moderate income borrowers
and first-time home buyers seeking government-backed mortgages could face
delays. Veterans appealing a denial of benefits will have to wait for decisions
on their appeals.

Read more from KPIX San Francisco on how services
will or will not be affected by Congress’ failure to reach an agreement
averting a government shutdown. 

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