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How to Manage Aging Parents?

Manage aging parents in five ways:

Resistance – Eliminate, or more practical minimize. Initiate a plan, with everyone’s input, you, your spouse and family, siblings and your parents. If people participate in the plan, everyone knows the plan, conflicts should be abated.

Control – Nobody is comfortable with change, especially seniors, giving up control and their independence. Therefore, you must recognize your parent’s desire for control and consistency. Appreciate their apprehensions from their perspective. Ensure your parent’s understand they have some control over their life.

Independence – Strive to maintain your parent’s highest level of independence.

Finances – Develop a financial plan for money management; bills; health plans; and any necessary equipment or modifications.

Health – Facilitate your parent’s health by attending doctor’s visits, regular health checks, etc. Studies indicate that good health increase your parent’s quality of life of your aging parent.

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