How do you obtain a Purple Heart?

Submit a Purple Heart application to the Purple Heart Review Board (PHRB). 

Former members of the U.S. Air Force, Army Air Corps, and Army Air Forces must submit their requests in writing to:

National Personnel Records Center


9700 Page Ave.

St. Louis, MO  63132-5100

The following information must be provided:

1.  Detailed narrative of the circumstances involving the wound, including veteran's rank, unit of assignment, date wound occurred, and specifics related to the injury.

2.  Produce medical documentation to verify treatment was received.  If no documentation to show treatment, a statement from a military or civilian doctor is acceptable detailing that a medical examination has revealed evidence of the wound claimed by the veteran.  Statements from veteran which are not substantiated by either medical or official records are insufficient.

3.  If possible, statements from individual(s) who personally witnessed the wound incident or can verify that the incident occurred.

Conditions such as disease, exposure, injuries incurred as a secondary effect of combat actions, and injuries received as a result of seeking shelter from enemy fire do not meet eligibility requirements for a PH.

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