How can you tell if you need our services?

  • Are you unsure whether an aging relative’s behavior is due to normal aging or other serious factors?                                                                                          Yes                 No          


  • Has there been a sudden or gradual change that you have been noticing which causes you to wonder if your aging family member can continue to live safely at home?                                                                                                       Yes                  No          


  • Do you live a long distance from your aging relative and find it difficult to visit regularly and assess what’s happening?                                                               Yes                 No          


  • Do you travel frequently and find that there is no one else to check on your parents or other aging relative?                                                                                        Yes                 No          


  • Are you concerned about what to expect as you or your parents age? Yes                 No          
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your caregiving responsibilities, notice that your life is becoming increasingly stressful, and find that it is impacting your work?          Yes                 No          


  • Does your family disagree over what to do about an aging parent and could benefit from the recommendations of an objective professional?                                Yes                 No          
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