How can an Elder Care Coordinator help you and your Parents?

On a recent visit to a nursing home, the Elder Care Coordinator noticed that the client was acting in a strange manner. Therefore, she contacted the nurse to investigate the change in behavior. However, she was informed that there was nothing wrong. She then contacted the administrator and physician. But, again nothing. Nonetheless, she persisted. The Elder Care Coordinator discovered the nursing home had two patients, with the same name, on the same floor, who received the medication that was supposed for the other with the same name.

Consequently, the other individual was moved to a different floor. Therefore, her care was provided by completely different set of nurses. The nursing home changed their procedures to avoid this mix up.

What would have happened if this mix up continued, without the advocacy of the Elder Care Coordinator?

We are here to help families respond to all or any of the challenges presented by long life, illness and disability. We provide hope for you, and your parents. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of you parents by a Life Care Plan.

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