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Issues with Physician’s Report – For VA Benefits.

There are specific
statements VA Adjudicators are now looking for on VA Form 21-2680 (Examination
for Housebound Status or Permanent Need for Aid and Attendance) and if these
statements are not included, denials are being made.
It is critical that the claimant's physician clearly demonstrates on VA Form
21-2680 that the claimant's condition requires the claimant to be in a
"protective environment" and that the Facility will provide that
protective environment.

In the Form, the physician must also confirm and explain why the applicant is
housebound and cannot leave the Facility or home without help, why the claimant
needs the regular aid and attendance of another person, and why the claimant's
medical or mental condition necessitates the need for A&A.

To the extent these physician statements cannot fit on the Form, they should be
added as an attachment to it signed by the physician.  

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