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Home Care Versus Nursing home

A nursing home is a place of residence for seniors who
require constant care and have significant difficulties performing daily
activities. However, some people who are not in need of such intensive care are
enrolled in nursing homes. If you are looking for assistance for your loved
one, home care may be a great alternative.

Home care offers your loved one supportive assistance from
experienced caregivers. A wide array of non-medical services are provided, from
practical assistance, like grooming and cleaning, to companion assistance, like
playing games and going to museums or the movies.

  • Allows
    Freedom and Comfort

    Home care gives your loved one the opportunity to stay at home. With
    senior care, your loved one will receive care from the comfort and safety
    of his or her own home. Assistance is provided without having to give up
    independence. At nursing homes, however, residents are considered
    patients, complying with regulations similar to that of a hospital.
  • Saves

    According to the Metlife Mature Market Institute, the average annual cost
    of a private room at a nursing home is $83,000 per year. Generally, a home
    health aide can cost less.
  • Offers
    Individualized Care

    Because home care is delivered on a one-on-one basis, it is tailored to
    the needs of each person. The interaction with caregivers is on a personal
    level, providing your loved one with companionship as well as practical
    assistance. In nursing homes, a single staff member is usually in charge
    of caring for several other residents.
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