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Here are some tips from the Medicare blog on how to fight fraud

‘Tis the season – for Medicare fraud and scams, that is! Every year at about this time, the scammers come out from under whatever rocks they hide, taking advantage of the confusion and haste many seniors experience during the Open Enrollment period that lasts through the end of the year.

According to the LA Times, we have the usual crop of potential identity thieves, calling seniors and trying to pry their personal financial information from them over the phone.

Unfortunately, we also are seeing another type of scam this year: unscrupulous sales tactics by pushy sales agents. Some of these pushy sales agents use marketing materials that appear to come from Medicare or Social Security. Seniors need to be o high alert for these kinds of pushy and unethical practices, especially during open enrollment.

            Here are some tips from the Medicare blog on how to fight fraud:

  • No one should call you or come to your home uninvited to get you to join a Medicare plan. Don’t give your personal information to someone who does this.
  • Your Medicare number is personal information, just like a credit card  number. Keep it safe so that no one can pretend to be you.
  • Medicare plans can’t ask you for credit card or banking information over the telephone or email, unless you’re already a member of that plan.
  • Medicare plans can’t enroll you into a plan over the telephone unless you call them and ask to enroll.
  • Always check your medical bills, Medicare Summary Notices, and Explanation  of Benefits to make sure you’re not being charged for a service or piece of equipment you didn’t get.

For more tips on how to prevent and fight fraud, visit stopmedicarefraud.gov.



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