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Health Care for Our Veterans

It still surprises me today how many veterans have no knowledge of what benefits they could be entitled to through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Whether it is health care assistance or financial, the Department of Veterans Affairs is there to assist all veterans.  Given much of the press lately, you may say to yourself, why would I have my vet register for VA health care.

The answer is simple:  once a vet is registered in the VA Health System, there are several programs that can assist with home health care, adult medical day care, prescriptions to include glasses and hearing aids, incontinence supplies and durable medical equipment, and even nursing home placement.  There are also programs for home modifications, and the only way to take advantage of these services is being registered and seen by a VA physician or a physician at a privately contracted hospital or clinic.

Many of our clients have benefited from these services and their quality of life has improved a great deal.  It provides peace of mind for the families that services are being provided at little or no cost. 

Even though there have been a lot of negative reports about the VA in the press in recent months, it is still advisable to educate our veterans and their families what the VA may be able to provide.

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