Florida Lifts Nursing Home Moratorium

After nearly 14 years, the state has lifted the ban on construction of new nursing homes. The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) approved the construction of 22 new facilities and expansion of 11 existing ones, totaling more than 2,600 beds and $400 million in construction in 25 counties. Industry advocates say that the new batch of nursing homes helps address the growing elderly population and upgrades the facilities to accommodate the needs of baby boomers. “They’re being designed and proposed to have more interior courtyards. They’re being designed to have more private rooms. They’re being designed to have more activity spaces. They’re being designed to meet the needs and expectations that we would have in our generation and the generation just ahead of us,” said Tony Marshall, senior director of reimbursement at Florida Health Care Association, an advocacy organization representing more than 500 long-term care facilities. AHCA Secretary Elizabeth Dudek said in a statement that new facilities will also boost the state’s economy in the next several years.

Source/more: Orlando Sentinel

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