Finding Your Home Sweet Nursing Home

It is import to select the right nursing home, a daunting process at best.  The search should begin with the determination of your loved ones life style preference and medical needs.  Once you know the type of care your loved one requires, you should evaluate nursing homes to identify those that meet your criteria.  Arm yourself initially with as much information about all nursing homes under consideration as possible.  You may be able to eliminate some with preliminary screening; for example, if they do not offer the type of care your loved one must have.  Also, geographical locations can also play an integral role in nursing home selections.  Because of all other things being equal, it is important to find a place close to home so family and friends can visit frequently.  Maintaining a strong social network is key to a nursing home resident’s well-being.  You can learn more about the perspective nursing homes, on your list, by reviewing state inspection survey reports.  These reports note any deficiencies that were found at the last annual state inspection.  The survey is available at nursing homes.  Be sure to ask for it and then carefully review it.

Consumers should also visit the nursing homes under consideration to interview facility administrators and staff.  Go during different times of the day and observe conditions first hand.  Position yourself at a nursing station and see how long it takes before they respond to a resident’s call button.  Talk to the residents.  Ask them is this a good place to live or do they treat you well and so on.


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