Family Coaching & Care Management

The physical and emotional drain of caring for an aging family member is enormous. Coping you’re your loved ones Dementia, and maintaining there dignity and quality of life as they become more dependent… are unchartered waters for most of us.

Additionally, ill-informed legal, financial and medical decisions can have negative and long-lasting impact on your loved ones well-being..

However, our trained and professional coaches (Care Managers) can help you ensure the best care for your loved ones by:

• Removing confusion around medical, legal, and financial decisions;
• Preventing a crisis;
• Eliminating miscommunications among family members
• Preparing a life care plan that anticipates and addresses problems
• Offering approved and reliable referrals i.e. home care agencies, movers, assisted living facilities etc.
• Acting as a liaison to families at a distance and overseeing care;
• Assisting with moving your loved one from home to a retirement complex, such as assisted living facility or nursing home
• And much more.

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