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Family Caregivers Are Probably the Most Depressed People in America

Caregiver stress was exposed by a new tool called TCARE, the
Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral. Developed by University of
Wisconsin's School of Social Welfare, TCARE found that, while all caregivers
are under stress and often depressed, not all caregivers are created equal. The
wide range of who caregivers are means that support and training need to be
specific to the caregiver. This report is part of a series of articles on aging
supported by the MetLife Foundation, New America Media, and the Gerontological
Society of America. The other reports in the series are Jay Z-Belafonte Feud: A Generational Divide, The Color of Care in Aging America, and America's Growing Caregiving Crisis Spans Generations.


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