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“Everyday” Drugs Could Combat Alzheimer’s

Scientists have drawn up a shortlist of candidates which they
believe are likely to slow the disease and reduce its symptoms. They now want
to fast-track full clinical trials of the drugs which, because they are already
approved to treat other conditions, could be available for those with
Alzheimer’s in five to 10 years. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly
testing new compounds for Alzheimer’s, which affects about 500,000 in Britain
alone. However, recent results have proved a little disappointment, and drugs
which attack the underlying cause of the disease remain something of a Holy
Grail. Consequently, scientists have collaborated on a project to sift through
existing drugs for evidence that they could still be somewhat effective.
Existing drugs that could help Alzheimer’s include certain blood pressure drugs
called “calcium channel blockers,” a diabetes drug called “liraglutide,” an
antibiotic used for acne called “minocycline,” and “acitretin” for the skin
condition psoriasis.

Source/more: The Telegraph

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