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Effective strategies and techniques to care for your parents

There are nearly 10 million boomers raising kids while at the same time caring for at least one aging parent, according to the Pew Research Center. However, what is not discussed or written about, are effective strategies and techniques to care for your parents.

You were raised and cared for, by your parents. However, now you are providing care for them. This role reversal role reversal can be problematic, and have consequences that you, your family, and your parents, are not prepared for. Also, it's hard to argue with a parent who you've been parented by them all of your life.

Caring for aging parents can be:

  • a lot of work, stress, and frustrating: coordinating care; changing your parents living options when do not want to leave their home; your parents are no longer safe at home or behind the wheel; parents masking issues for fear of being forced to leave their home.
  • an unexpected expense. Some seniors have long-term care insurance, savings etc. but most families are strapped with an unplanned financial strain.
  • problematic for you and your siblings. Resentment builds quickly when one sibling feels they’re doing everything. Also, coordinating care among siblings is a difficult task.
  • a cause of anxiety and tension, when the you must speak legally and financially for your parent. Therefore, have a financial power of attorney, health care power of attorney, and other legal documents in place long before they are required.
  • a problem if you have a full-time job. You are juggling responsibilities between care for your parents and work commitments. Employers are becoming more aware of the lost productivity because of employees taking care of their parents.

Being a caregiver is tough. Being prepared, informed and organized can make the task a little easier. The key is to talk about your emotions, feelings and frustrations, with family and friends or with a therapist. Another solution is to hire Senior Life Care Planning, who can assess the situation and make recommendations. Often, your parents will listen to an objective professional before they listen to their child — even though you have their best interests in mind.

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