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Do you have aging parents who still drive?

Your biggest concern, are they safe and making smart decisions before driving. Your parents have independence through driving, and it is problematic to remove this. However, they will have changes in their vision or hearing. Therefore, their safety is of the utmost importance. So here are some key driving tips.

Make Sure They Regularly Have Their Vision and Hearing Checked

In Maryland, seniors do not have to take regular driving tests to continue to have a driver’s license. Therefore, it’s important that regular hearing and eye checks are performed. If their hearing and/or vision deteriorates, this creates a slower response for potential hazards, and traffic signals. Additionally, it causes difficulty driving at night. Therefore, try to have them limit any night driving.

Have Them Plan Their Routes in Advance

Knowing their exact route should be performed prior to their leaving the house and driving. The use of smartphones, computers, or even the traditional paper map may help them.

Have Them Avoid Busy Roads

If they do not have to drive on busy streets, have them avoid them, as most accidents occur here, due to many distractions, more aggressive and impatient.

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