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“Cost of Dying” Series Now Available Online and as an IPad App

The Cost of Dying series, published last year in the San Jose
Mercury News, revealed the nature and roots of the sometimes painful and
dehumanizing treatment of dying people caught up in a high-tech medical battle
against inevitable death. Examining issues raised by the emotional and
financial costs of the last days of reporter Lisa M. Krieger's father, the
nine-part series also opened the door on ways people can take control of how
they die. Through the voices of professional caretakers, loving relatives, and
courageous dying people, the stories brought home the wisdom of choosing
gentler exits. Cost of Dying attempts to demystify the excruciating medical
choices at the end of life. Its powerful narratives and essential information
can be found in the online section and now on a free iPad app. The Cost of
Dying app includes:

An interactive,
easy-to-read introduction to end-of-life legal forms;

Stories on how readers
and their loved ones took control of the final days; and

videographer Dai Sugano's photos and video.

Source/more: San Jose Mercury News

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