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Coping with stigma created by people living with the Alzheimer’s disease

In response to the Report and to honor of World Alzheimer’s
Month, the Alzheimer’s Association is unveiling tips for coping with stigma
created by people living with the disease. Current and former members of the
Alzheimer’s Association National Early-Stage Advisory Group developed these
tips based on their personal experiences:

  • Be
    open and direct.
    Engage others in discussions about
    Alzheimer’s disease and the need for prevention, better treatment and an
    eventual cure.
  • Communicate
    the facts.
    Sharing accurate information is key to
    dispelling misconceptions about the disease. Whether a pamphlet or link to
    online content, offer information to help people better understand
    Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Seek
    support and stay connected.
    It is important to stay
    engaged in meaningful relationships and activities. Whether family, friends
    or a support group, a network is critical.
  • Don’t
    be discouraged.
    Denial of the disease by others is
    not reflection of you. If people think that Alzheimer’s disease is normal
    aging, see it as an education opportunity.
  • Be
    a part of the solution.
    Advocate for yourself and millions
    of others by speaking out and raising awareness.

The Alzheimer’s Association also recently launched
ALZConnected, a social networking community designed specifically for people
with Alzheimer’s disease and caregivers. After becoming a member (at no cost),
ALZConnected users can connect and communicate with people who understand their
challenges, pose questions and offer solutions to dementia-related issues and
create public and private groups organized around a dedicated topic.

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