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Confused about Medicaid? Don’t know where to turn?

Look no further than the Elder Law Office of David Wingate! Our Long-Term Care Planners can walk you through the Medicaid process step-by-step to protect what you have worked so hard to save! But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what your friends and neighbors are saying,


“I went to see David Wingate because my parent was in a nursing home. I was very pleased with what they did to help cover the bills. I really didn’t know what to expect, and if they would be able to do anything. They made things so easy. I’d asked around and I was told that this law firm was where I needed to go. They came very VERY highly recommended, and now I can see why. They stepped right in and managed to save some of my parent’s assets. I know my parent did not want to spend all her money on the nursing home. I tried to do some of the work on my own at first, and it was a lot harder than I thought, if not impossible. That’s why I’m glad I made the decision to get her help.”


Peace of mind is only a call or click away! For an Initial Consultation call The Elder Law Office of David Wingate at (301) 663-9230 or visit www.davidwingate.com



David Wingate is an elder law attorney at the Elder Law Office of David Wingate, LLC. The elder law office services clients with powers of attorneys, living wills, Wills, Trusts, Medicaid and asset protection. The Elder Law office has locations in Frederick and Montgomery Counties, Maryland.

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