Center for Medicare Advocacy (CMA) Submits Joint Testimony to Congress on Medicare Reform Proposals

The House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health held a hearing on
proposals to reform Medicare at which critical issues facing the Medicare
program and current and future beneficiaries were discussed. CMA, together with
California Health Advocates and the Medicare Rights Center, submitted joint testimony to the Committee outlining
concerns for beneficiaries and their families regarding certain proposals aimed
primarily at achieving federal savings. These proposals seek to save the
government money by shifting costs to beneficiaries. Among these proposals are
three found in the President's budget and in other proposals: adding a co-pay
to Medicare's Home Health benefit; increasing the annual Part B deductible; and
further income-relating premiums for Part B and Part D. The joint Testimony
addressed the following issues:

Adding a Copay to the
Home Health Benefit,

Increasing the Annual
Part B Deductible, and

Further Income-Relating
(Means Testing) Premiums for Parts B and D.


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