Boomers Still Viable Ad Target, AARP Says

The organization that serves as an advocate for Americans ages 50 and older is hoping the progress that has been made in changing minds about the value of marketing to older consumers won’t be reversed by a growing ardor for millennials. AARP is in the middle of a yearlong effort to celebrate the estimated 76 million Americans who are baby boomers, born from 1946 through 1964. The initiative, called “Boomers@50+” is timed to acknowledge that “by the end of this year, every living member of the boomer generation will be 50,” said Myrna Blyth, a senior vice president at AARP. AARP is beginning to promote The Boomer List, a documentary by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders that features interviews with 19 baby-boom luminaries — one for each calendar year the boom lasted — such as Tommy Hilfiger, Billy Joel, and Amy Tan. AARP is underwriting the appearance of the film on PBS (including WOSU-TV) on Sept. 23, as an episode of American Masters. The show will be accompanied by an AARP book and an exhibit from Sept. 26 through June 30 at the Newseum in Washington featuring photographs of the 19 subjects by Greenfield-Sanders.

Source/more: Columbus Dispatch

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