Be a Squeaky Wheel at the Nursing Home

“Be a squeaky wheel." That's our advice to our nursing home residents and their family members, states David Wingate of Senior Life Care Planning (“SLCP”). Your loved one is entitled to quality nursing home care. Therefore, you need to know your nursing home rights, and utilize these rights, to demand and compel, nursing homes to provide the care, your loved ones, require.

Generally, residents cannot be discharged, from a nursing home, because of behavioral issues. "These evictions are usually improper; because such residents belong in a nursing home" states Terri Mason, a case manager at SLCP.

You need someone, a family member or a company, like Senior Life Care Planning, to zealously advocate on behalf of a resident, if not, they will get just moderate to poor care.

Most unjustified discharges is, usually, due to one issue, “not enough staff in facilities" states David Wingate.

When visiting a home you should note "if residents are lined up in the hallway . . . don't look clean . . . if they have food on their clothing." These are possible signs of inadequate staffing. Please contact SLCP for THE LIFE CARE PLANNING: NINE “MUST ASK” QUESTIONS BEFORE ENTERING A NURSING FACILITY.

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