Asperger’s Disorder Dropped from DSM-5

The American Psychiatric Association
has announced changes to the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual,
DSM-5. One of the most hotly argued changes was how to define the
various ranges of autism. Some advocates opposed the idea of dropping
the specific diagnosis for Asperger's disorder. People with that
disorder often have high intelligence and vast knowledge on narrow
subjects, but lack social skills. Some who have the condition embrace
their quirkiness and vow to continue to use the label. And some
Asperger's families opposed any change, fearing their kids would lose a
diagnosis and no longer be eligible for special services. But the
revision will not affect their education services, experts say. The new
manual adds the term "autism spectrum disorder," which already is used
by many experts in the field. Asperger's disorder will be dropped and
incorporated under that umbrella diagnosis. The new category will
include kids with severe autism, who often don't talk or interact, as
well as those with milder forms.

Source/more: NBC

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