Aid and Attendance – Questions and Answers, Contd.

Q. Is there a “look back” period for Improved Pension?

    A. No, the VA looks at the assets in hand the day the forms are filed.

Q. I am my father’s Power of Attorney; how is that handled?

    A. The VA does NOT recognize a POA unless they have approved the individual for that designation. If you are simply a POA for convenience purposes, it is much quicker to have your parent manage and sign the forms themselves. If your parent is not capable of managing his/her own affairs in that manner, then the VA will want to set up an interview with you in order to determine if you are the appropriate fiduciary for the claimant.

Q. What happens if my claim is denied for excessive income?

    A. Denial is often only the beginning of the process. You then have one year to collect receipts etc. on your medical expenses. At the end of that year you file what is known as an EVR – a two-page sheet that establishes your income and expenses for the year. If the VA reviews it and determines that you are now eligible for the pension, you will receive a lump sum check, retroactive back to the date you originally filed.

Q. Can I send the claim to any VA office?

    A. No, the claim package must go to the Regional VA Office that serves the area in which the claimant resides. Do not send claim packages to VA medical centers or other facilities. They must go to the regional office that serves your region.

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