Administration releases rules for health insurance under ACA

Long-awaited details on how insurers can structure health benefits
and premiums for policies that will cover tens of millions of Americans
starting in 2014 were released by the Obama administration. The three
proposed rules reaffirm key elements of the 2010 federal health law, including
its requirement that insurers accept all applicants, even those with health
conditions, and not charge higher rates based on health, gender or occupation. But
the proposals add additional details on how premiums can vary based on age and
tobacco use, including allowing tobacco users who enroll in programs aimed at
helping them quit to be exempted from extra premium costs set out in the law.
While insurers and consumer groups were cautious about issuing an immediate
assessment of the proposals, a quick review showed that no one group won
everything it wanted. For example, insurers did not succeed in getting the
government to phase-in a requirement that limits their ability to charge older
applicants more than younger ones. And consumer groups, which wanted specific
details on the benefits required in 10 broad categories, instead saw continued
discretion given to state regulators to pick "benchmark" plans and benefits.

Source/more: Kaiser Health News

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