A veteran cannot receive both SC compensation and NSC pension.

A veteran cannot receive both SC compensation and NSC pension. Usually, compensation exceeds pension. Therefore, compensation is the best bet. If you have a professional or financial advisor make sure they investigate and are accredited. It is against the law for non VA accredited professionals/financial advisors to advise veterans or their widows on VA benefits,

If veteran is rated over 50% rated, pursue Concurrent Retirement Disability Payment (CRDP) from the DOD. However, this is taxable income. 

Additionally, if a veteran with a combat related condition that exceeds 10% file for Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) from the DOD.  This is a non-taxable match to the VA.  However, Veterans cannot receive both CRDP and CRSC, but CRSC is a non-taxable offset to military retirement, while CRDP is a taxable offset to income.  Form DD 2860. I advise to review both options.

Also, if multiple conditions, one rated at least 40% and the total over 70% or one condition rated at least 60% and unemployable due to his SC condition, apply for “unemployability” increase rating to 100%.

Furthermore, if veteran requires A & A due to his SC condition(s), file for Special Monthly Compensation, increases rating to 100%.

Also, if veteran has a spouse or dependent child(ren) or parent(s), file for dependants..

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