A typical Veteran’s Benefits appeal process

Claimant files with VA, who denies claim (claimant has one year to reply with a NOD)

Claimant asks for DRO review within one year, who denies claim and sends a statement of the case (claimant has 60 days to file appeal using form VA9 before the BVA)

BVA denies claim, claimant can file appeal before CAVC within 120 days OR

Claimant can file a motion to vacate with no time limit OR

Claimant can file for BVA reconsideration with no time limit OR

Claimant can file for a revision based upon CUE with no time limit but no new evidence can be submitted OR

Claimant can file to re-open claim at VARO, in which case original award date will be lost.

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