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A hypothetical example to see how valuable Senior Life Care Planning’s care coordinators can be.

Senior Life Care Planning’s Elder Care Coordinators are specialists who help family members find the right sources and services for their aging parents. Additionally, they provide care coordination and advocacy, be it home care, assisted living or nursing home facilities. We help family member’s cope with their burden. Let’s look at a hypothetical example to see how valuable Senior Life Care Planning’s care coordinators can be.

Wife is providing extensive care for her housebound husband. Wife has difficulty getting her husband out of bed, bathed and dressed. Additionally, Wife relies on her son who lives nearby to help her manage her husband’s care. Other children are out of state, and not responsive to Wife’s needs and requirements.

On the advice of a friend, and former client of Senior Life Care Planning, who helped the friend’s family cope with the elder care maze, Wife called and retained Senior Life Care Planning.

Our Elder Care Coordinators make a thorough assessment of the family’s needs. Arranges for Home Care for Husband. Coordinates with Senior Life Care Planning’s staff to perform Asset Protection strategies, review their financial and legal needs and goals.  Calls a meeting with Wife’s family and explains to them the care needs and how they need to commit to help with those needs. Makes arrangements to purchase medical equipment for lifting, moving and easier use of the bathroom facilities. Helps bill Medicare to pay for this cost.

Suggests using a geriatric care Physician to help Wife in the care of her husband. Meet with the geriatrician, Wife and husband and help explain the proper treatment and care of the elderly housebound. Helps Wife bill for medications. Reviews Medicare Part D for appropriate drug coverage.

Prepares a life care plan, to ensure a better quality of life for Husband’s remaining years, be it at home, assisted living facility or nursing home. Finds resources to pay for care through VA, Medicaid or other governmental programs. Therefore, with the help of Senior Life Care coordinator, Wife’s life and future has been significantly improved.

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