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4 Ways to Survive the Costs of a Nursing Home Stay

The need for nursing home care almost always seems to be a surprise and that’s why most people are incredibly unprepared when a loved one needs care. But even if you only have time to do crisis planning, you can still increase your chances of finding the right nursing home, getting good care there, and saving a significant portion of the family’s hard-earned assets.

The first thing people need to remember when a loved one needs care is to not panic.

First of all, stabilize the medical situation and then, as soon as possible, you should contact an elder law attorney.

Depending upon the amount of time you have available to prepare, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Find the right nursing home. You can do this by talking to friends, looking on the Internet or you can call the Elder Law Office of David Wingate.
  2. Be careful before you sign any admissions contract. These can be tricky and you want to be sure you’ve got good legal advice so that you don’t take any steps you will regret later.
  3. Review current powers of attorney and wills and trusts to be sure that all of the legal bases are covered.
  4. Check into the availability of any of any insurance coverage which you might have to help pay the cost of care.

These are just some of the tips that you should consider. Most important of all, however, according to David Wingate, is to talk to someone who has helped many families through this process. That way, you’ll know you’re getting good, actionable advice that won’t end up costing your family in the long run.

Knowledge taken from experts, doctors, and an elder law attorney empowers individuals and families to calmly face the situation. Click here for the FREE GUIDE – The Consumer’s Nursing Home Guide.

David Wingate is an elder law attorney at the Elder Law Office of David Wingate, LLC. The elder law office services clients with powers of attorneys, living wills, Wills, Trusts, Medicaid and asset protection. The Elder Law office has locations in Frederick and Montgomery Counties, Maryland.

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